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The MOMS Club of Bridgewater West and Branchburg, NJ, is a chapter of the International MOMS Club, a non-profit, non-demominational organzation for at-home mothers and their children. The Bridgewater chapter was originally founded in 1996. By 2001, the chapter had grown so large that we split into Bridgewater West and Bridgewater East. The Bridgewater West chapter was later expanded to include Branchburg, NJ.

Our Activities:

  • Playgroups: Small groups meeting weekly based on age. Older and younger siblings are welcomed to attend and playgroups rotate between members' homes. This is one of the most popular activity in our group and it is as much a playgroup for the children as for our moms.
  • Monthly Meetings: Once a month we meet at the Bridgewater library to go over club business, vote on important issues and socialize. We also invite speakers to come. Children are welcome at all meetings and we have crafts and toys for them to play with.
  • Newsletters, Weekly Updates & Activity Calendar: As a member, you will receive our monthly newsletter and weekly update via email. These contain information about the coming month's planned activities and other information to help you get to know our chapter better. Members are welcome to advertise in our newsletter for free.
  • Kid-focused Activities: These include larger field trips (such as to Sesame Place or the Crayola Factory), local outings (such as a tour of the local firehouse or Wegman's), breakfast or lunch at a kid-friendly restaurant, park days or activities at members' homes (such as a kids' craft or cooking activity).
  • Mom-focused Activities: These include activities that primarily satisfy the interests of the mom but at which kids are always welcome, including stroller club and recipe exchanges. MOMS Night Out is an opportunity to socialize on our own in the evening.
  • Family-focused activities: Include our Egg Hunt, Family Picnic & Trunk or Treat.
  • Service projects: These are an important part of our MOMS Club mission. We are required to do at least one service project per year that benefits needy children or mothers. We typically do 3-4 projects per year. Our Service Project page has the updated list of projects we do.
  • Meals for MOMS: We provide meals and other support to members in cases of a new baby, hospitalization or other need. If you're expecting or have a need, please contact us.
Our Board Positions:

  • President: Preside at meetings, act as liaison with other organizations, organize the group with the help of the Administrative Vice-President and the Board, act as a liaison between the local group and MOMS Club® International and be responsible for preparing any reports on the local group's activities as required by the corporation.
  • Administrative Vice-President: Assist the President in fulfilling her duties of office, assume the duties of President when she is not available and coordinate service projects.
  • Membership Vice-President: Compile a roster of members to be distributed regularly, promote membership within the group, publicize the group within the community, assist the Treasurer in collecting dues and coordinate hospitality at the meetings.
  • Secretary: Coordinate any correspondence necessary for the group with the President, take minutes of the business and executive board meetings and keep them in a notebook for review.
  • Treasurer: Be responsible for all the funds, deposit all funds, maintain financial records and keep them available for review, prepare and present a financial report to the Executive Board at least once a year and prepare any other reports as may be required by the MOMS Club International.

Our Other policies:
  • If you're relocating, contact us. We'll find the chapter that serves your new area and put you in touch with the appropriate people there. We'll also forward them the prorated portion of your dues so that you don't end up paying dues twice for the same time period.
  • Moms may nurse at any MOMS Club activity.
  • Our chapter offers many different activities. We're always looking for additional ideas. If you have any suggestions, please contact any board member!

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